Apricot Jekyll Theme

project jekyll

Apricot is a theme for Jekyll static site generator. I created it so that I could use it for my personal blog. [Read More...]


project nvtool

NVTool is a blog workflow tool I wrote to assist in publishing my text documents to Jekyll as well as to other projects. Originally, I used Notational Velocity on Mac, because I loved its instant note searching capability. However, since I was also on Linux, I began using Vim along with slew of plugins to imitate Notational Velocity as much as I could. [Read More...]


Apr 20, 2015 vagrant

I have been using Vagrant and it is the most useful tool for working with VM, such as Virtualbox and Parallels. Before Vagrant, I’d been using virtual disk images, which were cloned and made into snapshots between each changes in configuration. Now, Vagrant makes this process effortless with simple commands. [Read More...]


Apr 14, 2015 Ansible admin

Rough draft notes and cheatsheet on Ansible. I’ve been using Ansible, a devop automation/configuration management tool, to handle the provisioning of the backend servers. It is a good alternative to Chef-Zero (Chef-Solo), and Ansible seems to be a lot easier to work with. [Read More...]

Python PEP8 and coding standard

Apr 11, 2015 python

PEP8 is the most important guide for coding standard in Python. There are also other coding practices that improve readability and maintenance. [Read More...]